Friday, January 13, 2012

Wrap test Verseo wraps!

I have heard several opinions and claims of the it works wraps and a few of the traditional thermal wraps so I decided to order a few brands to test them out.. Well the verseo wraps came first so.. I am testing them first.. I will be only testing one wrap a week to make the results as fair as possible.. Okay lets get started.. The first thing about the verseo wrap kit.. is it comes with two thermal wraps and 8 clay packets I like this because it was only $29 on there website with shipping it came to $36.. With these wraps they say to try to make it as much like a spa experience as possible so I lit a few candles turned on some instrumental music dimmed the lights.. and then realized this was not going to be a day at the spa.. first you soak the bandages in boiling water for 10min then apply the clay, then squeeze out the wraps and try to apply them before they cool down.. then after you go through the struggle of wrapping yourself.. you have to apply saran wrap around the wraps several times then cut small wholes in the saran wrap to let your skin breath... Doesn't sound like much? Well in was a pain!.. They also suggest using a sauna suit with the wrap ( this did not come in the kit I got mine at Walmart for $5) After sweating tremendously for an hour while lying down and relaxing to my candles and music. I removed the wraps and measured myself.. Starting measurements were {hips and pouch area- 41in} {upper area below boobs 35in}.. and my after measurements were  {hips and pouch area- 40in} {upper area below boobs 32in} Yes I did technically lose a few inches but after sweating like that for an hour I would hope so lol Such a minimal difference and the following morning I measured again with out change from the previous night... Here are my before and after I really don't see much of a difference but we will see how the other wraps fair. Please excuse my huge butt and me holding my breast out of the picture along with my MC Hammer sauna pants in the before picture! lol

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Two Weeks!

So we have been dieting and exercising for two weeks! I have yet to break my diet but my fiance has at least three times that I can count lol That being said he finally let me weigh him.. He has lost 12lbs!! I have lost 9.4lbs as of this morning :) I know that men lose weight faster than women, but even after breaking his diet so many times he is still kicking my butt!.. Oh well i am happy for him :) I have decided to ad other aspects into my diet and exercise to see if and how they work.. I have ordered several at home spa wraps and I will be testing one each week and posting my experiences with them. All claim to help you lose inches in just hours by shrinking your fat cells by releasing the toxins from them.. So I have high hopes with much skepticism as well. The pain of not being able to eat what I want when i want is slowing going away.. The more i see results not just on the scale but on my body I seem to have less resentment toward my diet and actually enjoy the little triumph of knowing I am making it everyday! My fiance only has 25lbs to lose until he reaches his goal weight I have 50lbs!! I can't wait for the day I get to update my blog with pictures of me in my wedding dress looking all sexy (lol) But until that day I will keep you updated on the struggle and joys of knowing that I am doing this FINALLY!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

The new year!

We have been at this for almost a week! I am feeling so so much better than when we first started, we went through our cabinets and fridge and threw out all of our holiday junk food! Grocery shopping was a challenge because when healthy shopping for only two people you can't make really large meals or they get wasted (or I am tempted to eat larger portions). My fiance seems to be having a much easier time than I am, but it is easier for men to lose weight they say.. So i will just work twice as hard and be happy for him ; )... I have discovered that egg beaters are amazing!!!!!! and only 60 calories for TWO servings.. yum!. I feel sometimes that I sit all day.. (I am a photographer) and I seem to be at my computer ALL DAY.. Hopefully in the coming days I can find a system that I can force myself to get up and do something else for a few minutes. I have set my office email to notify me to work out and that does help! In my next post I will share any weight loss with you.. I have yet to weigh myself because I want my first number to be a large one ; ).. My fiance will not let me weigh him.. so I guess his weight loss will just be his little secret lol

Friday, December 30, 2011

It's about time

Well I am finally sick of being the big girl.  My fiance and I are going on a journey together to lose weight and GET IN SHAPE for our wedding on August 11th 2012. We are getting married in Park City Utah.. and we are doing it all (well most) ourselves.. Including the getting in Shape! No crazy fad diets or crazy claims of losing a pound a day anymore. We are eating right and exercising to make it a lifestyle change, so that when we commit to that "I will love you as long as I live".. we will know we are doing everything to make it as long as we can :).. For those who don't know us personally this is the second wedding we are planning and paying for so it's all DIY since the last time our venue was foreclosed on right before the big day, and the parents are spent! (lol) But it's a new day and we are going to take this journey for ourselves. No more "I will show them" or "I want to look better than (Fill in blank)" Those are just perks!