Monday, January 2, 2012

The new year!

We have been at this for almost a week! I am feeling so so much better than when we first started, we went through our cabinets and fridge and threw out all of our holiday junk food! Grocery shopping was a challenge because when healthy shopping for only two people you can't make really large meals or they get wasted (or I am tempted to eat larger portions). My fiance seems to be having a much easier time than I am, but it is easier for men to lose weight they say.. So i will just work twice as hard and be happy for him ; )... I have discovered that egg beaters are amazing!!!!!! and only 60 calories for TWO servings.. yum!. I feel sometimes that I sit all day.. (I am a photographer) and I seem to be at my computer ALL DAY.. Hopefully in the coming days I can find a system that I can force myself to get up and do something else for a few minutes. I have set my office email to notify me to work out and that does help! In my next post I will share any weight loss with you.. I have yet to weigh myself because I want my first number to be a large one ; ).. My fiance will not let me weigh him.. so I guess his weight loss will just be his little secret lol

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