Friday, January 13, 2012

Wrap test Verseo wraps!

I have heard several opinions and claims of the it works wraps and a few of the traditional thermal wraps so I decided to order a few brands to test them out.. Well the verseo wraps came first so.. I am testing them first.. I will be only testing one wrap a week to make the results as fair as possible.. Okay lets get started.. The first thing about the verseo wrap kit.. is it comes with two thermal wraps and 8 clay packets I like this because it was only $29 on there website with shipping it came to $36.. With these wraps they say to try to make it as much like a spa experience as possible so I lit a few candles turned on some instrumental music dimmed the lights.. and then realized this was not going to be a day at the spa.. first you soak the bandages in boiling water for 10min then apply the clay, then squeeze out the wraps and try to apply them before they cool down.. then after you go through the struggle of wrapping yourself.. you have to apply saran wrap around the wraps several times then cut small wholes in the saran wrap to let your skin breath... Doesn't sound like much? Well in was a pain!.. They also suggest using a sauna suit with the wrap ( this did not come in the kit I got mine at Walmart for $5) After sweating tremendously for an hour while lying down and relaxing to my candles and music. I removed the wraps and measured myself.. Starting measurements were {hips and pouch area- 41in} {upper area below boobs 35in}.. and my after measurements were  {hips and pouch area- 40in} {upper area below boobs 32in} Yes I did technically lose a few inches but after sweating like that for an hour I would hope so lol Such a minimal difference and the following morning I measured again with out change from the previous night... Here are my before and after I really don't see much of a difference but we will see how the other wraps fair. Please excuse my huge butt and me holding my breast out of the picture along with my MC Hammer sauna pants in the before picture! lol

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