Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Two Weeks!

So we have been dieting and exercising for two weeks! I have yet to break my diet but my fiance has at least three times that I can count lol That being said he finally let me weigh him.. He has lost 12lbs!! I have lost 9.4lbs as of this morning :) I know that men lose weight faster than women, but even after breaking his diet so many times he is still kicking my butt!.. Oh well i am happy for him :) I have decided to ad other aspects into my diet and exercise to see if and how they work.. I have ordered several at home spa wraps and I will be testing one each week and posting my experiences with them. All claim to help you lose inches in just hours by shrinking your fat cells by releasing the toxins from them.. So I have high hopes with much skepticism as well. The pain of not being able to eat what I want when i want is slowing going away.. The more i see results not just on the scale but on my body I seem to have less resentment toward my diet and actually enjoy the little triumph of knowing I am making it everyday! My fiance only has 25lbs to lose until he reaches his goal weight I have 50lbs!! I can't wait for the day I get to update my blog with pictures of me in my wedding dress looking all sexy (lol) But until that day I will keep you updated on the struggle and joys of knowing that I am doing this FINALLY!!

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